Q: What is the purpose of having a Mobility Map? A: The main purpose for a mobility map is to provide a clear and easily understood way of providing information to people who live in the area or who are visiting the area regarding the accessible features / services available for use. These accessible features / services may not be technically compliant with Australian Standards and such but are user friendly. Q: What should we be considering incorporating into our Mobility Maps? A: When considering the development of a Mobility Map there are some key things to be considering. ‘Where should the boundaries of our map be’, ‘Is it soley for disability access or is it to incorporate tourism’, ‘What icons / features do we want shown on the maps. e.g. accessible parking bays, toilets, post office boxes, seating, accessible crossings points, steep gradients, no footpath, bus stops, telephones, drinking outlets and bike paths etc.’ Q: How do we engage a Mobility Map developer? A: It is best to approach map developers directly. www.mobilitymaps.com.au provides the contact details for some map developers and does not engage them on behalf of. Q: We have had a Mobility Map developed / updated - How do we upload / update a map to www.mobilitymaps.com.au? A: It’s quite simple - either go to the ‘Submit New Map’ page and fill out the webform ensuring you have attached the map to the form via the file uploader. Q: What does it cost to have a Mobility Map included on the www.mobilitymps.com.au website? A: Nothing this website is FREE
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